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Co-Founder and Tour Guide

Dominic is one of the suckers that's fallen in love with Beijing. So much so that with his friend and business partner Ilya, they opened BElectric and now it is his full-time gig to take people on tours. When he's not guiding tours, he plays football, climbs and studies Chinese at Culture Yard.



Ilya is the brains and knowledge of the BElectric, in China we could call him 慧者 (hui zhe) which means intelligent person. He's been in Beijing since 2008 and knows Beijing like the back of his hand. Ilya also owns a Chinese school, Culture Yard in the heart of the Hutongs.



Tour Guide

Jonas is another pretty face. He's a full-time English teacher and Australian legend. In his spare time, he loves to pass on his wisdom of China and Beijing on some top quality BElectric Tours.

WeChat: BElectric

(+86) 185 0108 5414

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