Why Electric Bikes (Ebikes) are the best way to see Beijing.

Now of course, we're going to boast about what we do and claim ebikes are best way to see Beijing. But what I want to do is tell you why we strongly believe that this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! To do this, I'd like to ask you some questions:

Do you want to explore some iconic sites in Beijing?

-On our tours, we ride by many of the beautiful building of Old Beijing that are pretty damn iconic. We ride by the Lama Temple; Confucius Temple; Drum & Bell Towers and of course the infamous Forbidden City!

Do you also want to discover some more exclusive and hidden "off the beaten track" parts of Beijing?

-Cruising in and out of the magical Hutongs that are the heart of Bejing, you'll constantly be seeing something new, strange and wonderful. To many people, Hutongs all look the same at the beginning...but once you start looking, listening, smelling and even touching, you'll discover something truly magical.

Do you like experience what it's like to be a local?

-We say this because a huge number of locals in Beijing, ride ebikes. They're clever and they also know that it's the best way to get around. So, whilst embracing the life of a local, we'll run into some also. The best thing to do as soon as you see a local staring at you is say "ni hao", which is hello. As soon as you say this, 9/10 times, they'll smile and say "ni hao" back to you. It's amazing to feel part of a community of awesome people. Once you get past the spitting and the shouting, you can see that Beijing is full of lovely people!

Do you like to hear short and interesting stories about Beijing?

-Beijing is a city with so so so so many stories. Each of our tour guides have their own favourite stories about this epic city, and their own way of telling them. We understand that it's important to keep

Most importantly, do you like to have fun?

-We are expats living in Beijing and we wouldn't be here if it wasn't so damn fun. Enjoying life and being adventurous is what has brought you and us to this incredible city. We will have fun together whilst discovering the best of Beijing on an ebike tour.

Our tours are experiences which have the answer to all of these questions. Get involved in one of our ebike tours and see the best of Beijing!

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