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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

There's many names for our little angels.

Electric Bicycle

Technically, we own Electric Bicycles and run Electric Bicycle Tours in Beijing. This it because our electric bicycles do have pedals, so you can cycle them like a normal bicycle, if you choose to. However, we choose not to because it's not as fun and we won't see as many of the beautiful spots in Beijing we want to show you! That being said, having these pedals on our electric bicycles allows you to feel more comfortable and feel as easy as you are when you're riding a bicycle.

Electric Bike

Much like a Bike, our Electric Bikes are twist and go. This is PEFECT for Beijing weather, for Beijing traffic and most importantly for ease and comfort. With our lithium battery powered electric bikes, not only are our electric bikes super easy to ride, they're also environmentally friendly.


I'm sure most of you have guessed it already. Ebike = Electric Bike. The shorter, easier cooler way to call them ;)


Now scooter also means different things. It would mean the smaller toy like scooter, which you play on when you were younger or older and just want to have some fun. You know the ones that fold up and you can take on the bus etc, to school.

Scooter also means the twist and go bikes which don't have gears.

Whatever you want to call them, they are without a doubt THE most eyeopening and efficient way to see the city. You can travel down the tight alley ways (Hutongs) discovering the nooks and crannies in Beijing and you can ride along side the locals.

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