Blue Bird Beijing vs Grey Bird Beijing

What's a Blue Bird? Not a real bird, no. A Blue Bird is the term that you use when the skies are Bluer than Blue. I'm writing this post today because in Beijing we have a Blue Bird, yet yesterday it was a Grey Bird. It does not matter which we have flying in the sky, Beijing is Beautiful! All of the buildings still stand and the legendary Beijinger's are still rocking about on the streets. There's still some adventure to have on an eBike, by foot, by subway, by car, running, swimming, climbing.... There's an endless amount of possibilities when you're in Beijing and there's nothing stopping you but yourself. 'Just do it!'. I know that's a cheesy Nike saying, but I am a strong believer in this one. Things aren't always easy, but you can do them regardless, you can put on your shoes and take the first step.

My favourite thing to do in Beijing is to jump on an eBike and just ride... It's a great form of meditation for me. Because you can forget about worries, and tasks you have on the to do list and just concentrate on the road and the sweet surroundings. So get out today, go and explore some of what Beijing has to offer. If you're feeling even more adventurous, join and eBike tour of Beijing with us, or rent an eBike and make your own adventure!



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