Be your own hero

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Here's a bit of voluntary advertisement for GoPro. Be Your Own Hero! Get your GoPro on and ride around on an Ebike for a day or two OR more and discover more of Beijing than you ever would've imagined.

Beijing is a city which is built with bikes and electric bikes in mind. There are cycle lanes on pretty much every street and more and more barriers to separate them from the cars. I won't lie and say it's not crazy sometimes, because it is and often you will be riding along side a car or someone may swerve very close to you when you're least expecting it. But that's Beijing, that's China, and you've got to just keep calm and take it easy. Enjoy the high pace of life in Beijing and enjoy the thrill of the city. We offer the only ebike rentals in Beijing.

You see, although we absolutely love our tours, meeting all of you legends and having a great time. Sometimes if you're that real crazy adventurer and wanting to find more whilst spending more time on our extremely fun electric bikes, you can take them out for a rental. You'll need to make sure you get this booked in far in advance as our babes get booked up very quickly, but please do get in contact to be your own hero and make your own adventure.


(+86) 185 0108 5414 also our WhatsApp Number.

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